Uncovering Your Own Inner World

Audio Cds (4-CD set)

Distilled from Angela's 2014 women's retreat in Lesvos, Greece, each cd takes the listener on a journey into their inner world through easy to follow movements and meditations. With four complete practices, Angela offers a somatic experience of connecting with and exploring our inner world; communicating with and recovering lost, traumatized, or injured parts of ourselves; empowering ourselves from the inside- physically, energetically, and emotionally; the power of myths to express and guide us on our inner journey; receiving the breath as the beloved; relating to and learning from the earth and nature; rediscovering the primordial wave; unwinding, letting go of doing and the fore-brain, and moving and living from a more authentic source; and re-finding our roots and back body.

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"The Base Chakra"

In this profound CD, Angela guides us in an exploration of our base, in its physical, energetic, and emotional dimensions. 80 minutes.

Through simple movements, meditations, and somatic explorations, Angela offers her unique form of inner body yoga. She invites us to experience our sacred geometry; grounding into the earth, opening to the above, and meeting the deepest parts of ourselves. Delving deeply into the concept of the base chakra, Angela guides us on an embodied exploration of who we are, recovering lost or damaged parts of ourselves to return more whole.

With nothing to see, the listener is able to shut their eyes and purely be inside. There are no "postures" to do correctly.

In Angela's words, "Our tendency is always to come up. Ideally we are a perfect channel, but since we tend to leave the earth and go up, we need to give more attention to the base. What it does is bring about a state of peace and internal silence. When you contract, it brings energy up. When you want to return to yourself, go down."

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"Finding Your Own Practice"

Audio Recordings (set of 6)

"Finding Your Own Practice" is a series of six 1.5 to 2 hour audio recordings edited from Angela's 2011 Yellow Springs Workshop. Over 10 hours of teaching!

Each recording is edited from a day of the workshop and can stand alone as an easy to follow exploration of delving into oneself and discovering one's own personal practice of yoga. Interwoven into each day are discussions on what yoga is and developing one's own practice, meditations, movement, breath-work, and wonderful guided free-form explorations set to music. On these recordings we are especially excited to include music from several incredible musicians, particularly songs from Jennifer Berezan's album "Returning" and Niel Golden's "Its a Journey". These are two of Angela's favorite cds, which she often plays in class, and a very special opportunity to delve even deeper into her teaching.

These recordings are available by download only. After purchasing you will be emailed a link to download.

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Roots & Wings

Audio CD (4-CD set)

"Roots & Wings" is drawn from Angela's 2009 Retreat for Women at Harbin Hotsprings, California. Each of the four CDs contain a 45 minute practice complete with guided meditation, breath-work, and movement. In these artfully interwoven sessions, Angela allows us to experience the dance of our breath, body, and energy in new ways, empowering us to unwind and discover lost parts of ourselves.

Some of the topics included on the CD are: Connecting to the Earth, Receiving Grace, Flowing Back to the Mother, Nourishing the Roots and Opening the Petals, Breath as the Beloved, Toning, The Internal Creature, and Opening the Left and Right Channels.

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